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DragonballZ 181 - 195 Episode Summaries

181 - Someone Who Will Succeed the Strongest! His Name is Son Gohan.
Son Gokou admits he cannot beat Cell, but he has a plan. Someone will fight for him. Everybody got very nervous. He announces it is Son Gohan. Vegeta-san starts screaming he is not strong enough and that he should do it. He has a secret plan.

182 - Son Gohan Get Mad! Release The Sleeping Power Within.
Son Gohan is now fighting Perfect Cell. It is very balanced. Son Gohan beats Cell up then Cell beats Son Gohan up. Son Gokou finally reveals his plan since he was getting beaten. It was to get mad. Son Gohan has his true power to get mad. Cell heard this and wanted a challenge in his games. He kept punching him to get mad. Son Gohan was getting frusterated and kept trying to get mad, but nothing worked.

183 - Small Wonders! Cell Juniors Attack!
Cell keeps trying to get Son Gohan mad. Son Gohan and Cell stand head to head. Son Gohan tells Cell why he is not getting mad. It is because he is scared he would kill him. He has a flashback of all the anger times he has had. After it, Cell does not care and has the perfect plan to get him mad. To make little DNA creatures of himself to kill his friends. He makes them out of his back. He calls them the Cell Juniors. They attack everyone, but Son Gohan.

184 - The Tragity of Number 16. Super Son Gohan's Anger Explodes.
Number 16 gets an idea. He will selfdestruct on Cell to save everyone. He tries going on him, but Cell kicks him and all his particles fly. His head flies toward Mr. Satan. The Cell Juniors attack and Son Gohan just stands there doing nothing. The head starts talking to Mr. Satan. He asks if he can bring his head to Son Gohan. He does so. Number 16 says some pretty sad stuff about how much he loved Earth. Cell stomps on his head. This is the best part in dbz. Music is playing in the background and Son Gohan turns SSJ2 emotionaly for the first time.

185 - Real Power Blowup. Exploding Cell Juniors.
The renewed Son Gohan is ready to battle Cell, but before that he has something else to do. To kill the Cell Juniors. Cell commands the Cell Juniors to kill the others this second, but Son Gohan stops them and kills them in one punch. Everyone was amazed. Vegeta-san was sort of mad that he had such power. Now it was tim to face Cell.

186 - Cell is shattered. Beaten in two punches!
The name sort of tell the episode itself. For 15 minutes of this episode, Cell try's to fight Son Gohan, but he keeps dodging. Son Gohan lands two punches on Cell and he is very hurt. Shattered if you may.

187 - Cells Perfect Body Breaks Down!
Cell is now just standing there screaming. Saliva is coming out of his mouth. All of a sudden he grew double his size. He tries going after Son Gohan again. He is even slower than before, but punches can land harder. Son Gohan shoots a beam at him and he is standing there again. His mouth opens wide and he spits out Android 18. He goes back to his previous form. Cell grows really fat now. He tells everybody that he is going to self-destruct and blow up the Earth and not even he can stop it.

188 - Bye Bye Everyone. Son Gokou's Last Teleportation.
Son Gokou tells everyone he is thinking something over. He is deciding on something that would save the Earth. Vegeta-san kept telling him to spit it out (this goes on for 10 minutes.) He agree's to do it. Everyone is sad. He teleports to Kaio-Sama's place and he blows up there. Kaou-Sama, Son Gokou, and everything there died. Son Gohan kept crying and Kuririn calmed him down.

189 - A Nightmare is Reborn.....The Absolute Terror.
Everyone is releaved that Cell is dead. All of a sudden a big ammount of dust surrounds them and a hand comes out and shoots a beam. It hit's Trunks-san. He falls to the floor. The dust clears up and Cell is there. Everyone is shocked. Cell explains why he is alive. When he self-destructed, the main part of him didn't die, and he regrouped himself. He also got Son Gokou's cells and has his teleportation technique. He mentions it was a fluke what happened. Also He is powerful from before since he has a Saiyans DNA Vegeta-san get's pissed. He goes super Saiyan and says he will beat Cell not Son Gohan. He get's his butt kicked and is thrown into a mountain. Cell shoots a beam to Vegeta-san but Son Gohan blocks it. His arm gets crippled and he can use only one arm.

190 - From Father To Son. Son Gokou's Spirit is Passed Down.
Cell is happy that Son Gohan is crippled on his arm. He is going to get ready to end Son Gohan forever. He prepares for a Kamehameha. Everybody flies off somewhere safe. Son Gohan was about to surrender, but a voice came to his mind. It was Son Gokou. He encourages him to save the world. He shoots a single hand Kamehameha and so does Cell.

191 - The battle is over. Thank you Son Gokou.
Son Gohan and Cell are now fighting. Son Gohan starts to lose. Son Gokou is shocked. Everybody decides to help him. They all shoot Cell. It's no use. Vegeta-san shoots a big one. Son Gohan has a chance now. A spirit of Son Gokou helps Son Gohan now. He now kills Cell. His DNA splits and dies. Everyone is now unconsiouse from all the power.

192 - I'll Be up there. Farewell with a Smile
Son Gohan is really hurt, everyone is hurt, Cell is dead. Everyone is very happy. The Z warriors (all but Vegeta-san, because he ditches them after the battle) Go to Gods Palace. There Dende heals Son Gohan and #18. Mr. Satan gets credit for killing Cell, and he gets a big parade and everyone continues to think he is the Earths strongest fighter. Back at Gods place, they summon Shenlong and wish back everyone killed by Cell. They try to bring Son Gokou back but they cant because he has already been wished back before. Just then Son Gokou talks to them via King Kai and congratulates them, and says that he will be ok up here in Heaven.

193 - Son Gohan tells Chichi about Son Gokou's death. Trunks-san Leaving for the Future!!
Not much happens in this episode. Son Gohan gets the job of telling Chi-Chi that Son Gokou is dead, that doesnt go to well, and Chi-Chi throws a hissy fit (she would of been much more sad if Son Gohan died!). Trunks-san says goodbye to everyone and he goes back to his timeline!

194 - I'll protect the Future!!! Trunks-san eradicates No. 17, No. 18 and Cell
The title says it all. Teenage Trunks-san returns to his own timeline. With all the training he got in the Room of Spirit and Time. Also after fighting all thise enemies Trunks-san strenght has improved so much, after he left his timeline. He takes out #17 and #18 (who are weaker but meaner then they were in the timeline Trunks-san visited) and he also kills Cell (who was also weaker too).

195 - An Assembly of fighters from all Era's, Son Gokou enters Dai-Kaio's tournament
In this episode we visit Son Gokou up in the after life. Dai-Kai has a tournament, for all the strongest dead fighters! Freezer is in the tournament (he is very weak now compared to Son Gokou). Along with some fighters not seen before!

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